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Glass Benders have been manufacturing and supplying quality curved glass to customers throughout Africa and abroad since 1998. Our experience and commitment to product development allow us to custom make unique glass products for a wide range of applications such as large curved-glass panels for architectural projects, architectural curved glass for residential or commercial buildings, shop fitting panels and deli-counter glass guards, curved glass furniture and curved panels for yachts, vintage vehicles and antique cabinets. Since 2008 we have also provided an installation service for architectural projects that require glass balustrading, frameless glass shower and bathroom enclosures, glass office partitioning, glass pool inserts, skylights and glass floors.

Based in Cape Town, Glass Benders has two partners, John Rossetti and Trevor Goldberg. John deals with the manufacture of curved glass and is able to advise on all matters pertaining to curved glass and its many applications. Trevor is experienced in the installation of glass, and can advise on all aspects of glass installation and has an excellent eye for what is aesthetically pleasing.

curved glass

The curved annealed glass supplied by Glass Benders, is manufactured in-house. Glass is bent by applying heat in specialized glass bending kilns. As the heated glass sheet softens, it forms over the specific mould that is being used. Moulds are made from templates or created from CAD drawings. Annealed glass bends can be laminated to produce laminated safety glass bends. We supply a wide range of customers with curved glass; from large curved and laminated structural panels of 3 x 2.5 meters to small curved pieces with a 90mm radius to convex glass bowls for mirrors.

Flat glass

Toughened glass is used for all flat glass installations. The thickness of the glass used for balustrades, shower enclosures, partitioning and doors, depends on the size of the glass panel being installed and safety requirements are strictly adhered to. Once a glass panel is toughened, it cannot be cut or re-shaped, so accurate design and measurement are important in the early stages of each project. Only top quality hardware is used in all our flat glass installation. Toughened laminated glass is also used in some specialized installations, especially in walk-over skylights, glass floors and pool inserts.


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