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At Glass Benders we custom make a variety of glass tables and desks. Curved glass can be used as supports for glass table tops and we manufacture a variety of ‘C’ Bends for this purpose. The C-Bends can be arranged in many different ways to provide the support for a glass table tops. Large flattish C-Bends have been used as spectacular supports for ten and twelve seater boardroom and dining tables. Clients have used clear C-Bend supports for coloured glass tops to create the effect of a ‘floating’ table. Glass curved into a ‘U’ bend can be used for coffee tables, or placed on edge as a glass desk support. The coffee table U bends come in two sizes; 1250mm long and 780mm long, however, the width and height can be specified – for example,  the U-Bend can be made narrow and tall and be used as a server, or short and wide for a low square coffee table. We have made items as diverse as pulpits and cake stands to curved glass urinal splashbacks! 


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